“We’ve carved something unbelievable into history.” Besides their third consecutive win at BOTY 2017, what is this “unbelievable” feat that THE FLOORIORZ speak of?

—— Why did you think of doing that?
Let me touch on a bit of the history of breakin’, and a little bit of history about the THE FLOORRIORZ too. First off, members of this crew were all working hard in their own respect individually before forming the crew, some who made achievements in the Red Bull BC One Final or the DANCE ALIVE Final.

—— I was impressed when I first heard that the team was formed, with such extravagant members.
THE FLOORRIORZ is a gathering of such dancers, and we used that as one of our weapons. The first year we competed as a team in BOTY 2012 we made some routines as best we could and approached the preliminaries with individual skill on the forefront and won. Then we went to our first WORLD FINAL and were crushed by VAGABOND (France) and their routines and teamwork. We took that experience, and without changing that much regarding our stance of fighting on an individual level, we put a lot of effort into powering up our routines. Well, we actually put even more effort into polishing our individual skills (haha). We tried again a second and third time, and lost. We didn’t even make it through the Japanese preliminaries the third year.